A proposed townhome development in unincorporated Douglas County is being met with opposition from nearby residents.

Last week, the Douglas County Planning and Zoning Board and Board of Commissioners tabled a hearing during a joint meeting for a 99-unit townhouse community on Chapel Hill Road.

The proposed development is on 16.82 acres of farmland that backs up to a subdivision.

The Zoning Board and BOC will again take up the measure during a June 8 meeting.

The proposed townhouse community is planned to be built next to the Stratford subdivision, which is near the Publix shopping center at the corners of Chapel Hill Road and Annewakee and Dorsett Shoals roads.

Stratford residents have expressed concerns about added traffic in the area from a new community development.

“Before adding high density homes, the infrastructure to accommodate them needs to be in place,” Richard and Linda Kinsey wrote in a letter to District 3 Commissioner Tarenia Carthan, who represents the area of the proposed development, and senior planner Allison Duncan.

“That infrastructure definitely is not in place in the Chapel Hill area. Without planning for the future, decisions like this many times results in benefits for the few and overall detriment for the many — such as decreased property values, traffic nightmares and overcrowding of schools.”

Sharon Lezama agreed in a letter to Carthan and Duncan.

“I’m on Chapel Hill daily driving and our area just can’t support the extra traffic or people,” she wrote.

Some residents of the Stratford subdivision say a proposed townhome community would infringe on the community feel of the area.

“Placing such a development here would destroy the residential feel that we have enjoyed since building here 20 years ago,” Jonathan Lowman wrote in an email.

Hadi Builders Inc., filed an application with the county in late March for the proposed development. Amenities for the development would include a clubhouse, active play area and athletic courts.

Multifamily housing is popping up around the county.

The city of Douglasville has 11 multifamily/townhome in various stages of development.

More than half of the proposed or ongoing development is along Riverside Parkway.

The last time an apartment complex was built in the city of Douglasville was over 10 years ago, and it was on Riverside Parkway.

A status update on multifamily-apartment/townhome developments in Douglasville presented to the city council recently included:

The Reserve: Located on Highway 92, 288 multifamily units. Status: Land Disturbance Permit (LDP) issued; Building Permit not issued.

• Sweetwater Vista: Located on Riverside Parkway, 300 multifamily units. Status: Under construction.

• Tributary Village Center: Located on Riverside Parkway, 437 multifamily/loft units. Status: Studios under construction, LDP issued for multifamily.

• Emblem: Located on Riverside Parkway and Summer Lake Road, 325 multifamily units. Status: WSA and Fire approval required for LDP issuance.

• Harmony: Located on Timber Ridge Drive, 114 senior assisted living units. Status: WSA and Fire approval required for LDP issuance.

• Reservoir Drive: Located on Reservoir Drive and Arbor Place Boulevard, 185 townhome units. Status: WSA and Fire approval required for LDP issuance.

• Greystar Sweetwater: Located on Preston Boulevard and Bob Arnold, 360 multifamily units. Status: Under LDP review.

• Serenity at New Manchester: Located on Riverside Parkway and King Drive, 170 senior assisted living units. Status: Single Family Homes under demolition.

• Sweetwater Point: Located on Stewart Parkway, 96 senior independent living units. Status: Zoning approved, plans submitted.

• Douglas Boulevard Multifamily: Located on Douglas Boulevard, 72 multifamily units. Status: Under zoning review.

• Durelee Lane Senior Housing: Located on Durelee Lane, 98 senior independent living units. Status: Under zoning review.