County Administrator Sharon D. Subadan resigned after being told by the Douglas County Board of Commissioners that her contract would not be renewed, according to her resignation letter.

The letter, obtained by the Sentinel via an Open Records Request, is dated Dec. 3 and addressed to the BOC and Commission Chairman Romona Jackson Jones.

“As a result of your notification that my contract will not be renewed, I am formally notifying this body that my last day of employment will be Dec. 31, 2021,” Subadan wrote in the letter.

Citing a clause in her contract titled “Termination By the Employer Without Just Cause: Notice,” Subadan in the letter asks that commissioners pay her base salary for six months severance pay as called for in the contract. She also asks for payment for vacation time, sick and annual leave and holidays as called for in her contact. And she asks for continuation of all pension, retirement, health plan and other benefits for six months, all of which are in her contract.

Subadan’s contract calls for a base salary of $215,000 annually. She was hired in April to replace Mark Teal, whose contract was not renewed at the end of 2020.

Earlier this month, Jones confirmed the resignation but offered few details.

Subadan declined to comment on the resignation.

“Ms. Subadan has decided to resign and pursue other opportunities,” Jones said earlier this month when asked about Subadan’s resignation. “We appreciated her services to the county and wish her the best.”

Subadan came from Albany, Georgia, where she served as the city manager.

“In resigning and precipitating an amicable end to my employment with Douglas County, I am requesting that confidentiality be given to the circumstances and conversations surrounding my departure,” Subadan wrote in the resignation letter.

A search is set to begin for Subadan’s replacement.

A name was not released to the Sentinel by a county spokesperson on who will take over once Subadan leaves until her replacement is hired.

As the top non-elected official in the county, Subadan ran the day-to-day operations, which included overseeing the budget.

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