Yalanda Lattimore’s intentions were not to stay long in Douglas County.

She had lived all over the metro Atlanta area, and decided to give the county a try.

A media marketing specialist, Lattimore’s plans changed and she decided to put down roots in the county 18 years ago.

“I fell in love with Douglas County,” she said. “I was supposed to leave. It was a breath of fresh air for me.”

One of the big points the county had for Lattimore was seeing her kids prosper from the nurturing they received here.

“My kids loved Douglas County, but more importantly, Douglas County loved my kids,” she said. “I stayed here because of all the opportunities.”

The county has also been a good launching platform for her new business opportunity.

A well-known podcaster, Lattimore was in search of a small business investment.

While doing a seminar on podcasting and social media for soap makers, Lattimore became interested in the product.

She got some valuable information from other soap makers, and decided to launch her own brand of homemade products.

After experimenting, Lattimore opened ShopDryerBuzz, a bath and shower soap company.

“I already had the audience from the podcast, I was just looking for the right product,” she said. “Douglasville helped make this happen. This county is entrepreneur friendly.”

Aside from her business, Lattimore said the convenience of the county to other locations and the schools are what also kept her here.

“I really saw the house that I wanted, and loved the community,” Lattimore said. “I love it here, and I’m not going anywhere.”

With many events being canceled last year because of the pandemic, Lattimore started looking for a new venture.

“I had about 14 soap makers coach me through the first recipe,” Lattimore said. “I finally formulated a recipe and launched on Father’s Day. I think opening this business saved my 2020.”