Douglasville City Councilwoman Nycole Miller is running for reelection for the Ward 2, Post 1 seat in the Nov. 2 election.

Miller, a realtor, calls the main street/downtown area “healthy and successful.”

“Overall, I do believe our main street/downtown is healthy and successful although it has suffered due to the pandemic as we all have,” Miller said. “The city of Douglasville strives to ensure that our downtown businesses are thriving by implementing programs such as the farmers market, restaurant week and DDA’s facade grant to support our businesses and increase foot traffic.”

She said new construction and rehabbing existing homes and business go together in making the city successful.

“We need both, as they go hand in hand,” Miller said. “New development should complement our existing homes and commercial buildings. Also rehabbing existing properties can breathe new life into older homes for families to love and businesses to grow.”

Miller said traffic is a concern and that the Highway 92 project should help.

“As a Douglasville resident I share many of the same concerns and frustrations concerning traffic, but I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the importance of the 92 bypass and more importantly the underpass,” Miller said. “These roads connect our community while also helping to alleviate traffic. Both Highway 5 & I-20 and Chapel Hill & I-20 corridors are being evaluated to see how we can best address traffic needs moving forward.”

Asked about transportation needs of citizens, she said many options are available.

“The residents of Douglasville have many transportation options available including GRTA Xpress, Douglas Connect, senior citizen vanpool, Uber and Lyft,” Miller said. “I feel we should first work to inform residents of current options available and then if needed follow proper channels to help make changes in routes to best serve the residents of Douglasville.”

She said a zoning code change should be made to implement a strict ordinance regarding warehouses.

“If I could change one thing in our zoning code, I would implement a more stringent ordinance regarding warehouses,” she said. “A warehouse master plan that addresses where these types of businesses can and/or can not be established. In addition, addressing the footprint left on our community including traffic, storm water and facade.”

Miller said she is always “open to learning how to better” serve the community.

“It’s important and helpful to have residents take an active role in the decision making process within our community,” Miller said. “Whether it be by attending regular meetings, via email, phone and/or town hall meetings. As your council woman, I am always open to learning how to better serve our community.”

Miller said the city is in good financial standing.

“Our GO debt rating was recently raised from AA- to AA and we have doubled our reserves from $8.7 million in 2016 to $17.4 million in 2020,” Miller said. “First, at the beginning of each calendar year we have a retreat where we meet with each department including finance. We discuss their needs and look at our capabilities. We also have a finance budget meeting where we discuss each department’s needs and make those hard decisions as to what we can do as a city.

“Secondly, our finance department meets with the finance committee regularly to discuss the city budget, needs, and changes needed. Thirdly, it is very important that as a council we understand how to prioritize the needs of the city, including capital improvement to ensure we make sound decisions.”

Miller said if given a hypothetical $1 million grant, she would use the money to serve the community.

“I would work with the mayor and council to ensure it served our community in the best possible way,” Miller said. “In addition, I would love to see a dog park/ pocket park within the city of Douglasville for our families to enjoy on a daily basis.”

She called Ward 2 unique because it incorporates the heart of the business community.

“While each ward is unique, Ward 2 is my home,” she said. “I was born at Douglas General Hospital and have spent most of my life here in Downtown Douglasville. In addition, Ward 2 is home to our downtown businesses, the arts and entertainment district, many historic treasures and so much of our Douglasville history. Lastly, I’m excited that Ward 2 is the home of our future town green and amphitheater.”