Editor’s Note: This article contains references to strong and graphic language that may offend some readers.

A candidate for a state House seat is defending several posts to Twitter containing graphic language, including multiple uses of the f-word and the slang term for female genitalia.

Angela Mayfield, a Democrat, is challenging four-term incumbent Republican state Rep. Micah Gravley for the District 67 House seat that covers parts of west Douglas and south Paulding counties.

Mayfield said the language she uses on Twitter comes from the “roots” of her “raising.”

“I come from six generations of coal miners, chicken farmers, lawmen, and truckers, on both sides of my family,” Mayfield said. “The words I use may be colorful, but they’re sincere. I cuss some, but I came by it honestly.”

Mayfield said she’s been using Twitter since 2011, well before her run for office. She is using her personal Twitter account for her campaign, although that Twitter account identifies her as “Angela Mayfield for GA HD 67.”

She said she feels it would be “disingenuous to ‘clean up’ my language for the optics of respectability, on a platform where I have always participated as a regular, everyday person.”

In a January 2019 post, Mayfield writes in part in a tweet: “I’ve known men who couldn’t (perform a specific sex act) worth a damn but were willing to learn ...”

The tweet appears to be part of a thread with Mayfield and others gossiping about an unnamed couple.

Asked for more context on that particular post, Mayfield said she had none and that issues facing the country were more important.

In several other tweets, she attacked the Trump Administration using expletives. In a post about doctors dealing with the pandemic, she writes in part: “These are people who spend their whole careers preparing for this exact scenario, did hard work all over the world, and watched the administration fumble the f---ing ball.”

Replying to a post about a federal judge striking down the administration’s policy legalizing the killing of birds, Mayfield wrote: “Wow this administration is truly just a pack of unneutered feral cats, just pissing on everything they can’t kill or f---, including birbs (sic).”

Dr. David Shock is a professor of political science at Kennesaw State University whose expertise includes political campaigns and candidates.

Shock called the tweets “unprofessional behavior for someone seeking to represent a district in the statehouse.”

“It is unusual for a serious candidate to be posting items with profanity on social media,” Shock said. “There are candidates who use profanity, but they usually are candidates who either have no chance of winning — due to the demographics and political characteristics of the district — or are guaranteed election because of no opposition.”

Shock added: “To gain votes, typically, candidates aim to be polite to all who post and focus on positive items — people tend to vote for candidates they like as a person. Voters should be concerned about how a candidate posting these types of items would conduct him/herself in public office.”

Josh Smith is pastor at Cowan Mill Baptist Church in Winston, which is within House District 67.

Smith said he saw Mayfield’s tweets on social media. Many of the tweets have been shared on Facebook by others shocked by the language used in them.

Smith said he was “blown away” and that he believes Mayfield is a “lost soul looking for attention by making absurd statements.”

Gravley declined to comment for this article, saying he was focused on his own campaign and continuing to serve his constituents in District 67.