Stranger Things

Douglasville YouTuber Brian Lawler takes a selfie in front of an old laundromat on Church Street that has been turned into a 1980s arcade for the hit Netflix series “Stranger Things.” Lawler made a video of two sites in the county where filming is taking place for Season 4.

The hit Netflix show Stranger Things is back in Douglas County filming for Season 4.

A Douglasville YouTuber was among the first to notice a few familiar sets from the show while out running errands last week. Stranger Things has filmed in Douglas County and at other sites around metro Atlanta since its first season.

Brian Lawler, a 1988 Douglas County High grad, said he was driving to the Lithia Springs Library when he noticed trucks and a “Benny’s Burgers” sign sitting next to Tiffany’s Kitchen on Lee Road. Fans of Stranger Things know “Benny’s Burgers” is where the Stranger Things character “Eleven,” played by actress Millie Bobby Brown, was discovered in Season 1.

“Having watched the show I knew immediately what it was,” Lawler said. “I returned the next day and got some very quick footage from a dashcam and my camera just driving by. I put that up on YouTube as a quick video with no music, no editing and no voiceover. After 600-plus views I knew I had hit upon something viewers wanted to know more about. I returned on Saturday morning and took three passes by with my camera and small tripod in the car with me. They have a security guard there so I knew I wouldn’t be allowed to stop and take pictures or video.”

Lawler said he had a haircut appointment in downtown Douglasville and decided to stop by the old laundromat on Church Street that debuted in Season 2 as an arcade for the show set in the 1980s.

“Last time I had come by it was in disrepair with people peeling off the decoration on the windows — for souvenirs? Upon pulling in I realized that they put the signs back up and repaired the decoration on the windows,” Lawler said. “ It was then I realized I might be one of the only YouTubers who knew about this set possibly being used for Season 4.”

Lawler said he got some footage at the arcade set and took everything home, where he wrote a script for voiceover and edited all together.

According to the Douglas County Film Office, Lee Road from Vulcan Drive to South Sweetwater was closed Monday from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. for filming and will be closed again Tuesday during those same hours. That stretch of Lee Road will also be closed Wednesday from 9 a.m. through Thursday at 5 a.m.

Lawler and others have seen electronic signs near I-20 at Lee Road noting the road closures, and Lawler said with the security in place, “no one will be able to get anywhere close.”

Lawler’s Stranger Things video is at on his YouTube channel, “Khaki Shorts.”

Lawler said he and his wife, Sara Lym, started the channel in April of 2019 as a way to share their travels to Europe, Asia and around town.

He said he has always enjoyed photography, but had never done much video until a trip to Cleveland, Ga., for donuts and a stop at a barbecue place.

“Looking back it was not the best but it introduced me to something I love doing and I think my editing skills have improved in the last year and a half,” Lawler said.

In addition to making videos for his YouTube channel, Lawler said he also volunteers for the Randolph County, Ala., animal shelter helping edit videos for animals that need to be adopted.

As for Stranger Things Season 4, while there is no official release date, the best guess from most entertainment sites is sometime in 2021.