Sheriff’s Department deserves accolades for finding missing boy

To the Editor: On Thursday, June 25, 2020, a 7-year-old African-American boy was missing from early evening to the wee hours of the morning. My community in Lithia Springs, is a small yet very cohesive community. We came out to support and to assist law enforcement to locate Noah.

Once the Sheriff’s Department was called, they acted strategically, and professionally the entire time that they were out in our community. Each officer took a personal interest in locating this young child to the point that additional resources such as K-9 (Alpha Team Search & Rescue), Forresters, drones and helicopters were called out. Not only did we truly appreciate their help — they were so kind and resourceful.

In this current social climate, I must say that the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department deserves all of the accolades that could be possibly given. Race didn’t matter as it should not. So many individuals from our community pitched in to hand out flyers, put on their boots to track through muddy waters to join the search. We are so grateful for all who assisted,

Noah was found in the wee hours of the morning, safe and sound. We know that this would not have been possible without the Sheriff’s Department.

I want the Sheriff’s Department to be recognized for their impeccable service to this community under the direction of Sheriff Tim Pounds, Lt. John Jewell, and Capt. Elmer Horn and their teams.

With all that is occurring in the U.S. and the social unrest, I believe that they are a wonderful example of a model police organization that truly believes in “protecting and serving” their community.

Dr. Claudia Barnett

Lithia Springs