Where is this anger coming from?

What happened? Why are Americans acting like this? When did so many of us start hating law enforcement personnel? The behavior of thousands of citizens, gathered in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 6, 2021, turned violent as the mob attacked the capital police with flag poles, fire extinguishers, and bear spray. Some people cheered as they watched on TV. Where does this hate come from?

School teachers and elected school boards are targets for hate today. School board meetings are often disrupted by angry parents. Everyone has a vote- —let your voice be heard on election day — not violently during a meeting. In the past, teachers were respected. Today, they are seen as the enemy by too many parents.

Why are so many people turning violent on airplanes; flight attendants are too often attacked and injured while caring for passengers? Growing up I never remember fights breaking out on airplanes yet today they are a common occurrence. This hate is epidemic here, and on view for the world to see.

Dave Fedack


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