The two major governing bodies in our community face big decisions this week and it appears as though both will vote to approve things that are not popular with the people.

On Monday, the Douglasville City Council has a resolution on the agenda to end its relationship with Carole Parks Catering and go directly to a five-year deal with another out-of-the-county firm with a great reputation called Proof of the Pudding. On Tuesday, the Douglas County Board of Commissioners will vote on a budget that will likely keep taxes at the level we endured this year, one that was more than 24 percent increase for most homeowners.

In both cases, the bodies have heard from a very loud and determined group that have made their wishes known.

For the city, a group including the Douglas County Chamber of Commerce and some local caterers have voiced concern to city leaders. They seem to be asking for the Conference Center catering bid process to be reopened so that a competitive process can be assured. Local caterers feel they are being excluded under the present arrangement. If nothing else, they ask for time to consider other options.

For the county, they approved a budget last year and then a subsequent tax increase last year and said they didn’t have any citizen input. This year, the same thing cannot be said. The voice of the people seems to be clear from what was heard at the budget public hearing — cut spending, cut taxes and find a way to build a new animal shelter.

Being an elected official is a tough task and there is no way to make everyone happy, meet the basic needs, operate a government effectively without proper funds. Elected officials sometime have to make the tough calls and look at things that we as residents may not know or fully understand.

With that said, the Sentinel would make one request of both governmental bodies. We ask the Douglasville City Council and the Douglas County Board of Commissioners to look at all the options and really consider all that the people have suggested before you make these decisions that will impact their lives. You owe the people that much. They trusted you with their money and their vote.