Brandon Robinson admitted that it was frustrating at times, but all the ups and downs were worth it.

A former standout at Douglas County High, Robinson played four years in the storied North Carolina Tar Heels program.

Robinson’s career ended a couple weeks ago at the ACC Tournament in North Carolina, but he definitely earned the respect of Tar Heel Nations.

At times this season, Robinson had to play through injuries sustained on and off the court.

And Robinson had no regret for sticking around to see the end.

Robinson was the lone four-year senior that was the last link to the Tar Heels last national championship.

He was thrust into a leadership role as a senior member for a young team.

At times, the Tar Heels struggled but Robinson was admired for the courage he showed in facing adversity.

At not one time during his tenure, even when playing time didn’t come as much he would like, Robinson never thought about leaving Chapel Hill.

“Honestly, there were some frustration, especially my sophomore year,” Robinson said. “There were some upperclassmen playing ahead of me so I knew I had to wait my turn. My sophomore year was my most difficult year. I think it motivated me and helped prepare me for my junior year.”

With his Tar Heel career over with, Robinson is thinking about his next move in basketball and life.

He wants a shot at playing on the next level.

And he could get the opportunity based off a successful season for the Tar Heels as he demonstrated he can shoot from the perimeter.

If that opportunity don’t come, Robinson will finish school and enter the coaching profession.

And whatever he does, Robinson is sure to be successful.