The 2013-14 high school swimming season continued Friday evening at Boundary Waters Aquatic Center. The meet hosted five schools, including Douglas County, Lithia Springs, New Manchester, Harvester Christian and Landmark Christian.

The Tigers and Lady Tigers of DC swept the team competition.

The Douglas County boys picked up 161 points in the boys events, just edging out Landmark (155). Rounding out the top five were Harvester (55), New Manchester (25) and Lithia Springs (1).

In the girls events, DC dominated the competition with 230 points. Landmark placed second with 57, followed by New Manchester (26), Lithia Springs (11) and Harvester (5).

The day started with the 200-yard medley relay. Landmark took first in the boys competition with a time of 2:02.18. Swimming the four legs of the race were Jonathan Owens, Ty Janyaem, Joe Humphries and Cole Franklin. DC wont he girls race with the team of Thunwa Klaihathai, Liz Farmer, Bridgette Fox and Annie Norton. The team finished in a time of 2:27.63.

Next up was the 200-yard freestyle event. Landmark’s Franklin placed first for the boys in a time of 2:32.78. Della Tufon, of DC, finished first in the girls race with a time of 2:55.46.

In the 200-yard IM, Humphries took first for the Landmark boys in a time of 2:36.65. DC’s Kathleen Scherer took the top spot in the girls race with a time of 3:14.43.

The 50-yard freestyle was next on the agenda. New Manchester’s Tyler Hoy picked up his team’s first win with a time of 24.72. Lithia’s Alexis Leake did the same for the Lady Lions, placing first in a time of 25.16, earning the only state qualifying time of the evening.

In the 100-yard butterfly, Humphries continued to dominate the competition with a Landmark win in a time of 1:09.34. DC’s Nia Kapitanova won the girls race with a time of 1:16.97.

Taking the first place finishes in the 100-yard free style were New Manchester’s Hoy, with a time of 1:01.56 for the boys, and Douglas County’s Klaihathai, with a time of 1:10.19 for the girls.

Next up were the 500-yard freestyle races. Taking first for the boys was Landmark’s Franklin in a time of 7:06.60. The girls were led by DC’s Kapitanova with a time of 6:17.65.

In the 200-yard freestyle relay, the Harvester boys picked up their first win of the evening. The team of Lee Cooley, Matthew Slater, Jacob Lardinois and Billie Burgess finished in a time of 2:06.68. In the girls race, the DC team of Fox, Klaihathai, Farmer and Kapitanova took first with a time of 2:18.19.

Taking first in the 100-yard backstroke races were DC’s Ben Thrash, with with a time of 1:13.44 in the boys race, and New Manchester’s Lauryn Hall, with a time of 1:17.34 in the girls race.

Moving into the 100-yard breaststroke, Landmark’s Janyaem took first in the boys competition with a time of 1:15.12. Farmer won the girls race for DC, finishing in a time of 1:27.46.

The final event of the evening was the 400-yard freestyle relay. Landmark won the boys race with the team of Humphries, Owens, Franklin and Christopher Brown. They placed in a time of 4:25.72. DC’s Norton, Kapitanova, Scherer and Mallory Pollock won the girls race in a time of 4:59.35.