I think throughout this whole situation, the greatest thing I’ve learned is that many of the things we value aren’t truly important. I’ve been able to stay pretty optimistic throughout this time, but I’ve also been smacked in the face by reality. Things like prom and graduation ceremonies are granted so much importance because they make us feel good about ourselves.

They make us feel like we’ve achieved something because that’s what society says they’re supposed to do. I would love to be able to attend my prom and walk across the stage, but my life is still going to continue if I don’t get that opportunity. I will still continue to keep my vision focused on my future.

We all need to think about our futures, instead of dwelling on the sorrows of the present. Many of us are going to college in the fall, and that’s something for us to be excited about! We have so many opportunities awaiting us, so many amazing new memories to make, and so many great futures to step into. The key to getting through this time is to stay focused on what matters most.